We live in Solingen in the Highlands of Germany, in a small half timbered 

house with a small fenced garden.

Through a small ad. from a cat breeder I came across Maine Coon cats.

At this time I lived in my mothers house with her, a dog and a parrot.

I never thought of having a cat until I read the ad."Maine Coon for sale"

It seems a perfect pet to join the dog and the parrot. All said and done,

the cat, Alice from Plenty Lake came to live with us.

Alice was really a cat I take anywhere, (even outside) without it running away.

Even several moves were no problem for Alice. Until one day she was nowhere

to be found. I thought she must be stolen or worse.

 It was a long time before we decided to get another Maine Coon. This time

we had the garden securely fenced so we didn´t loose this cat. Unfortenately

we were unlucky and had to put down our small Kija VIP after 2 months.

  A while later we searched again and found " Arielle von der Korallenperle "  

This cat is so cute we planned a litter. In addition we had our "Siwa " a 8 year

old Austrian from Fehring and our wild " Ranja " spayed.

In 2013 we found our male " Da Capo of Feyzadream " and our female

" Fiona of Brenda´s garden "

Add to that a horse " Duchesse " and two rabbits " Gizmo and Miss Marple"

( emergency rescue) and a small pond with fish.

When the weather is warm it´s great, 2 rabbits and 7 cats together

in the garden.

                           How I came by Juja Tuja.....

With my fascination with Ancient Egypt and its Pharaohs it had to be an

Egyption name. Juja and Tuja are the parents-in -law of the 18th dynasty

Pharaoh Amenophis III .Aged 12 Amenophis  became King, and in the same year

married Teje, the daughter of Juja and Tuja.

   Juja was the provincial official of Akhmim. He also bore the title of Priest

and Cattle Director of Min and Lord of Akhmim.

  Tuja the mother of Teje the Title singer of Amun ,singer of Hathor,

supreme Lady of the Harem of Min.  

Amenophis III raised his parents in-in-law to higher positions.

Juja was appointed the Director of horses and Deputy to his Majestry

in the Chariot force. Tuja was honoured as a Royal mother of the

Great Royal wife.

According to friends and acquaintances my first cat show in Leverkusen

was a great success.

Thanks again to all those who supported me.    

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